FAQ's Preserved and Dried Flowers

What are the differences between dried flowers and preserved flowers?

Dried Flowers
Dried flowers are fresh flowers that have been dried naturally by being hung upside down or placed out on racks. Once they are completely dehydrated, the flowers and leaves become brittle to touch. 
Preserved Flowers
Preserved flowers are fresh flowers that are cut  and then placed, stem first, into glycerine (trihydric alcohol) to undergo a rehydration process. Glycerine (also called glycerol or glycerin) is a colourless, odourless, viscous liquid that is sweet-tasting and non-toxic. The glycerine is absorbed by the flower, through the stem, until it substitutes the sap. When this process is complete the final product remains soft and almost exactly like they were in nature.

What are “bleached flowers”?

Bleached flowers are created from a process of "bleaching" after the preserving process, where the original colour has been stripped to leave it a white bleached tone or can then be coloured to achieve more vibrant shades.  


How long do dried and preserved flowers last? 

If cared for correctly, dried flowers can last an average of one year. However, if the flowers are bleached and dyed, they will last longer. Over time the colours may fade and depending on the type of flower it may shed but it shouldn't effect the look of the flower.

The lifetime of dried and preserved flowers is very much dependent on the care of the flowers, where they are positioned and the overall use of them. 

What can dried and preserved flowers be used for?

Preserved flowers can be used for arrangements, bouquets, installations and weddings. They are a perfect flower to use when longevity is needed or the conditions are not perfect for fresh flowers. 

How do you care for dried flowers and preserved flowers?

 To get the most out of your preserved flowers

  •   Do not water them or mist them
    •    Display them indoors and away from direct sunlight.
    •    Keep them out of humid rooms and away from air conditioners
    •    Avoid touching or fluffing them repeatedly as this may cause the flowers to break or shorten their shelf-life. 

How do you clean dried flowers and preserved flowers?

There are a few options to choose from when it comes to cleaning: 

  •  Use a hairdryer. When using it set it on the lowest speed and “no heat” to avoid damage to the flowers.
    •    Dust your flowers with a feather duster. This method will work best on sturdier arrangements.

Why do the preserved flowers sometimes smell? 

Sometimes you may notice a chemical or bleach smell to the preserved flowers. This is normal due to the process, however with time the smell will pass. Leave in a dry and well ventilated room to air for a few days and you can also add a few small drops of essential oils to the bottom of your preserved flowers.

Where are the flowers from?                                                                            All our preserved and dried flowers are imported from China and India.

Should I wear protective gear when handling dried flowers or preserved flowers?

If you do have sensitive skin or are prone to allergic reactions, then you should wear gloves when handling dried, preserved and just make sure you wash your hands after using them to be sure. 

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